Commercial Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving for Large Developments

Permeable paving is increasingly being specified for multi-unit sites and large developments. Recognised as an integral part of Water Sensitive Urban Designs, the installation of permeable or porous paving assists with building among large trees or maintaining site permeability on small blocks.

Whether it’s a multi-unit site, a commercial development or a streetscape, we can install the permeable paving you need to the specifications you require.

Porous Concrete Base – no compromise in strength

Any paving is only as good as the base it is laid on. And the same goes for permeable paving. With our range of porous concretes, we can ensure your permeable paving can take the traffic and loadings you need.

We offer also a full range of galvanised reinforcing steel, so that your permeable paving can be engineered and reinforced to the same level as normal reinforced concrete.

Why Choose Permeable Paving?

By choosing us for your permeable paving installation, you’re getting:

We can install permeable paving suitable for:

  • Commercial driveways
  • Steep grades including basement ramps
  • Forecourts, courtyards, and large public spaces
  • Footpath tree surrounds
  • Root sensitive paving in structural root zones of protected trees
Steep driveway with permeable paving

The team at La Trobe University

Our team at La Trobe University, installing porous concrete as a base for permeable paving

Paving for Street Trees and Public Spaces

Mature trees form an integral part of any public space. But the ground around them needs to be permeable in order for water to infiltrate to the root system.

Permeable paving provides a hard paved, low maintenance surface that still allows water to infiltrate.

We are able to tailor our permeable paving to the requirements of any tree (new or existing) and ensure a healthy, long life for the tree. In particular, our highly open porous concrete mixes are able to add strength to any paving installation and ensure minimal movement or pavement cracking. Reinforcing is also added to the pavement to minimise lateral movement as the tree grows.

Porous paving around the bottle tree

Permeable tree surround in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Read more here:

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