Paving Ideas

Permeable Paving in the Royal Botanical Gardens

Here at New Dawn, we always get interesting and unique problems to solve with permeable paving. We recently received a request to provide permeable paving around a bottle tree in the Children’s Garden in the Royal Botanical Gardens. One of the trees had recently died, so had been replaced. This meant ripping up the permeable […]

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Warranties, maintenance and FAQ’s

Here at New Dawn, we often get asked what warranties and guarantees we offer with our permeable paving. Hopefully in this blog post, we can look at what we offer for you. Before we go any further, we should say that our permeable paving needs no more, and no less maintenance than any other stone […]

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Permeable Parking Areas and Stormwater Collection

Increasingly we are seeing more and more creative ways that permeable paving can be used to manage stormwater and associated problems like erosion and nutrient leeching. For example, this article here (opens in new tab) shows a council in Canada trialling a permeable parking lot. It’s a great illustration of how councils are realising the […]

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Poolside Permeable Paving

We exhibited at the SPASA Pool and Spa Show last weekend, showing off our permeable paving and it’s application around poolsides and spas. Everyone we talked to were interested in the paving – and that if you install it around a poolside, water will drain through the paving, never creating puddles and resulting in a […]

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Porous Pavements

Porous Pavers or Porous Pavements are two types of permeable surfaces often specified in new domestic and commercial developments. Traditionally, porous pavers are small concrete pavers with gaps between the edges, laid on a sand base. However, there is increasingly demand for surfaces with a much higher porosity than these systems offer, and that are […]

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Permeable Concrete

It seems that more and more architects are specifying Permeable Concrete (or pervious concrete) as a surface in landscape plans in order to comply with Council regulations – normally in tree protection zones (which we covered here). So we thought we’d give you a run-down of the permeable concrete we use as a base for […]

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Horticultural and Gardening Festival

Permeable Paving at HGF ’15 We just recently exhibited at the inaugural Horticultural and Gardening Festival at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It was a great chance for us to network with others in the Landscape industry, and promote awareness of our permeable paving, both as a great, garden friendly new paving option, and for resurfacing old […]

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Options to Repair a Driveway: Resurfacing or New Concrete?

Our speciality here at New Dawn Paving is the installation of permeable paving. But, the product we install, Pebble Pave, is also an extremely cost effective option for driveway resurfacing! Take your average Melbourne concrete driveway. A highly practical area, but not a thing of beauty, especially when faded and stained from years of use. […]

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Protecting Mature Trees with Permeable Paving

Mature trees are beautiful things, and often your dream garden is planned and built around them. But you have to be careful to protect them, especially their vulnerable root zone. Preventing the uptake of water, say, by laying concrete over the roots, is a sure-fire way to kill a tree. How can you protect your trees […]

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All I want for Christmas… is Landscaping

We are spending our Christmas with Dawn’s family. We wanted to give them a unique and practical Christmas present, so decided to resurface a concrete wheelchair ramp to give it more grip as well as a facelift. We prepared the ramp by chiselling back the top edge, and grinding a trough in at the bottom to make the Pebble Pave […]

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