Anti Slip Pool Surrounds

Anti-Slip Pool Surrounds

Puddle-free natural stone pool surrounds

Permeable Paving For Your Pool Surround

Pebble Pave is a unique porous paving product ideally suited for new poolsides or as a resurfacing solution for your existing pool surround. Its grippy, non-slip surface contains small gaps making the entire surface porous. Water drains straight through and runs off with the base, preventing puddles from forming.

Not only does our permeable paving’s anti-slip paving make your poolside safer for your family, it provides a stunning visual finish unlike any other type of pool surround. It’s also is extremely hardwearing and virtually maintenance free.

Unique Designs and Low Maintenance

New Dawn Permeable Paving are able to install permeable paving in a wide range of colours, and incorporate designs and patterns into the surface, making the poolside uniquely yours. Smaller aggregates can also be used, making a surface that is luxuriously smooth underfoot.

For new pool projects, we are able to install all aspects of the pool surround including coping tiles and concrete underscreeds.

For existing pools, we are able to renovate your poolside with little or no demolition work required. We can install over virtually any existing pool surround including tiles and concrete, leaving a beautiful permeable surface whilst causing minimal mess and disturbance to your daily life.

Make Your Garden Match

If poolsides are just a small part of your larger landscaping dream, why not see what else we can do for you? We are able to implement any landscaping projects you may have, or why not complement your new poolside with a matching path or driveway? With New Dawn Permeable Paving, the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to start a discussion!

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For more information on our specifications for installing permeable paving, visit our specifications page here, or head to our Knowledge Base!


A concrete poolside resurfaced with permeable paving