Pebble Pave Driveways by New Dawn

Permeable Paving

Pebble Pave - a resin-bonded aggregate permeable paving

Why Choose Permeable Paving?

New Dawn Permeable Paving install one of Australia’s leading resin-bound permeable paving solutions. Specially selected, kiln-dried rocks are bound with a highly durable resin to create a long-lasting surface. When laid correctly, this porous paving allows water to flow rapidly through. Laid over a free-draining, fully reinforced permeable concrete base, the surface is a high strength, fully permeable option for driveways, patios and any other paved area. By allowing water to drain freely, the surface also prevents puddle formation making paved areas safer, and reduces the amount of surface water directed to stormwater drains.

We install permeable concrete driveways for new units, townhouses and subdivisions, meeting all council requirements for permeability. If your plan specifies permeable concrete, porous paving or permeable pavers, this is what we do! Our resin driveway paving is installed on fully permeable concrete with galvanised reinforcing steel, giving maximum strength, minimal movement and total peace of mind. Our installations also come with an on-going warranty. We also install permeable paving for all commercial and heavy duty applications.

Permeable Concrete – The basis for great permeable paving

We only install our permeable paving on a permeable concrete base. We use a custom concrete mix that results in paving as strong as normal concrete, but remains 100% permeable. The inclusion of galvanised steel reinforcing means that no compromise on strength or durability is needed to achieve permeability

Then, the permeable paving is laid over the permeable concrete, providing a beautiful and hardwearing surface course to the paving installation. Pebble Pave’s unique formula uses a UV resistant resin designed for Australia’s tough conditions, ensuring the paving installation is durable enough for decades of service.

For more information on our specifications for installing permeable paving, visit our specifications page here, or head to our Knowledge Base!
Permeable Paving by New Dawn with Red Brick Borders

A fully permeable driveway with red brick borders

Pebble Pave Colours & Finishes

Our permeable paving is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. We are constantly sourcing new Australian aggregates in a variety of colours. Our pebbles and crushed rocks are typically available in sizes between 3 and 8 mm. Patterns and coloured blends are also possible, giving you the opportunity to create a truly unique paved area.

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Autumn Permeable Pavement


Aztec Permeable Pavement


Glacier Permeable Pavement


Green Granite Permeable Pavement

Green Granite

Green Marble Permeable Pavement

Green Marble

K Blue Permeable Pavement


Midnight Gold Permeable Pavement

Midnight Gold

Midnight Permeable Pavement


Rosewood Permeable Pavement


Sahara Permeable Pavement


Seashell Permeable Pavement


Silver Ash Permeable Pavement

Silver Ash

Sunset Gold Permeable Pavement

Sunset Gold

Tuscan Red Permeable Pavement

Tuscan Red