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Driveway Resurfacing

**Currently Unavailable**

Permeable Paving for Concrete Resurfacing


We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer resurfacing at this point in time as we are focusing on new permeable driveways and wish to maintain our high quality of workmanship. 

If you’re unsure whether to repair your driveway with resurfacing or new concrete, we recommend reading our blog post about it – here. You may also be interested in reading the benefits of New Dawn’s permeable paving over other alternatives – here.

For more information please call (03) 9543 3013, or try our Pebble Pave on 1300 591 437.

Removing and replacing old concrete driveways with new exposed aggregate concrete typically requires costly and time-consuming demolition work. However, resurfacing with permeable paving cuts out the demolition, giving you a new driveway in a fraction of the time.

Resurfacing is more cost effective and long-lasting than concrete driveway repairs, and we can resurface over any hard surface including tiles, pavers and bitumen.

More versatile than Exposed Aggregate

We offer over 15 different colours of Australian-sourced aggregate to choose from, with the option of combining colours to create a unique blend. One-of-a-kind designs and patterns are also possible, options not available with fixed-size pavers or exposed aggregate concrete.

Permeable paving is your complete resurfacing solution, also perfect for steeper driveways where loose gravel will run off or stone tiles become slippery.

Resurfacing over a properly installed concrete driveway creates an extremely strong surface – suitable for heavy vehicle traffic including buses and trucks.

No more puddles

With its porous surface, water drains freely through permeable paving and runs off of the existing concrete base. No puddles can form, leaving you a non-slip surface in the wettest of conditions. The textured surface also makes for less glare on bright summer days.


For more information on our specifications for installing permeable paving, visit our specifications page here, or head to our Knowledge Base!
Driveway Resurfaced with Permeable Paving

An old concrete driveway resurfaced with permeable paving

Driveway Installation

We prepare your existing concrete driveway for resurfacing by installing aluminium strip edging to give the paving edge a clean, crisp finish. We also grind down the concrete edges where the driveway meets the footpath or other areas to allow a flush transition with the permeable paving. The paving is then mixed on-site, and hand trowelled to a smooth finish. The surface is able to be walked on after 24 hours, and fully cured after 48-72 hours.

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