Warranties, maintenance and FAQ’s

Here at New Dawn, we often get asked what warranties and guarantees we offer with our permeable paving. Hopefully in this blog post, we can look at what we offer for you.

Before we go any further, we should say that our permeable paving needs no more, and no less maintenance than any other stone paving or exposed aggregate concrete. This means it will last 10+ years, but in order to keep it looking it’s best, it will benefit from periodic resealing.


An ongoing warranty?

New Dawn Permeable Paving provide an ongoing warranty with every installation of Pebble Pave permeable paving – whether this is for new permeable areas, or for driveway resurfacing, poolsides or anything else at all.

But what is an ongoing warranty?

We give you an initial three years of warranty. Then, if you follow the stipulated maintenance schedule (periodic resealing), we’ll extend your warranty for the next maintenance period. Then, if you reseal, we’ll extend again – and we’ll carry on doing this to give you, in effect, a lifetime warranty.


How often do I have to get you to reseal my paving?


It depends on the application. We’ll always consider the individual circumstances of every installation, but in general:

  • for commercial applications, multi-unit sites, and any other “heavy use” areas – reseal every year
  • for typical domestic driveways – reseal every 2 years
  • for foot traffic areas – reseal every 3 years

It’s again worth emphasising here – the paving we install has a lifespan of 10+ years without any maintenance. But, like any quality natural stone product, it benefits from this resealing to keep it looking it’s best and to help strengthen the aggregate.


What does your warranty cover?

Your ongoing warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, such as:

  • Aggregate coming loose from the paving
  • Improper installation of the paving
  • Premature failure of the paving under normal use

What about the structural components of the paving?

Registered Building Practitioner Logo

New Dawn Permeable Paving is a Registered Building Practitioner for Structural Landscaping. You can look us up – our licence number is DB-L 44455.

By law, any contractor providing any structural landscaping valued over $5,000 (including paving) must be a Registered Building Practitioner.

As a registered builder, we have to comply with all state and federal laws (such as the Building Act) and regulations (such as the National Construction Code, and relevant Australian Standards). We’ll also provide Builders Warranty Insurance if required. Read more from the VBA here.

What this means for you, is that by law, we also warrant against structural defects for at least six and a half years. This covers the preparation work and any sub-base we install for the paving – such as the permeable concrete base for most permeable driveways.

Can the paving be repaired?

Absolutely! We’ve got a variety of repair options available depending on the damage or failure present.

What isn’t covered by your warranty?

Basically, anything that we could not prevent or forsee happening. For example:

  • Avoidable damage, or abnormal use – such as dragging skip bins on the driveway
  • Avoidable structural failure
  • Acts of nature resulting in significant ground movement under the paving

The most important thing to emphasise is that we will install the paving to whatever specifications you want – so if you want to drive 20 ton semi-trailers on it, then tell us and we will make sure we install the correct strength permeable concrete base and advise on the best paving choice and maintenance required!

I’ve got further questions about your warranty…

Not a problem. Just give us a call on (03) 9543 3013 and we’ll happily answer any queries you might have.