Commercial Permeable Paving For Children Centres

Commercial Permeable Paving for Children Centres, A Case Study

Here at New Dawn Permeable Paving, we have a unique
team of permeable paving specialists that can install vast areas of permeable paving on strict commercial timelines.

We recently completed a large external paving package for a major commercial builder, installing pathways and a carpark for a new children’s centre, operated by an inner Melbourne local council.

The new centre is built on an extremely sensitive site surrounded by mature native coastal trees, and protection of the trees was of utmost importance at all stages of the project. A key feature of the landscape design was the use of low-impact permeable paving, constructed above the existing natural surface levels, ensuring minimal disruption to the roots of the protected trees, and allowing water to freely drain into the rootzone soils.

Finalised commercial project.

Getting it right from the start

From the start of the project, our team was involved with the builder to ensure all site works were carried out in accordance with the tree management plan and the relevant Australian Standards. All site preparation was carried out by our specialist team under the careful supervision of the project arborist, removing the loose topsoil and mulch from the site and any grassy or weedy vegetation from the paving areas.

Given the soft sandy soil on the site, ground protection mats were utilised underneath machinery within tree protection zones to prevent compaction of root-containing soils. As soon as the paving subgrade was exposed, we also immediately laid out heavy-duty geofabric over the soil to minimise loss of water from the rootzone from evaporation.

In any public space setting, accessibility is one of the most important elements of paving works. There are dozens of regulations prescribed by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) that ensure accessibility for people with limited mobility. For example, paths must not have a crossfall gradient steeper than 1:40. All public space works are rigorously scrutinised during construction to ensure compliance with the DDA regulations.

Planning permeable paving installation for a pathway

In setting up for this job, our team conducted an extremely thorough pre-construction set out meeting with the builder and council representatives, ensuring that all aspects of the pathways would comply with the various DDA requirements.

The landscape architect also specified an intricate pattern featuring different paving colours, and inset feature items in the play area of the centre. Our team took great pride in executing this design, whilst crosschecking with all the DDA regulations and requirements.

We installed our custom galvanised steel edging as the permanent formwork for the pathways, with edging inbetween the two different colours. We then installed our fully-reinforced permeable concrete base, ready for the resin-bound paving installation. Once the dirty landscaping around the permeable concrete base was completed, our team returned to the site and installed the resin-bound permeable paving to finish the paths and bring the architect’s dreams to reality.

Custom edging installed for a child friendly pathway

Big carpark, tight timeframe? No problem!

As well as all the pedestrian paving around the centre our scope included a large carpark beside the centre, designed using permeable paving to reduce the amount of drainage required.

Part of our scope on this project was to conduct the bulk earthworks for this 600 square metre space, removing the crushed rock and rubble that had been spread there as hardstand for the site shed and parking. Our team organised enough tipper trucks and correct machinery to remove the spoil from the area in just one day, ensuring that the tight construction timeline set by the head contractor was maintained.

Forklift clearing the way for installation a permeable paced carpark floor.

With the carpark works, a tight two week timeline was required for earthworks, setup, permeable concrete base, kerbing and resin bound paving installation. By carefully planning the works (and with our company’s uniquely skilled team and fleet of specialist equipment), we were able to meet this schedule.

We installed the required screenings subgrade, and compacted with a roller as per the engineer’s instructions. We then set up for the permeable concrete base of the carpark, installing expansion joints between different sections – an absolute necessity on a job of this size. Once the permeable concrete base was poured, we then installed the barrier kerbs and pram crossings around the perimeter of the carpark.

Installing permeable paving into a carpark floor

With all the base concrete and kerbs completed, our team moved onto installing the resin bound permeable paving. With our own unique specialised equipment and processes (all developed in-house), our team installed the whole 600 square metres of resin-bound permeable paving in just two days. The builder was then able to apply the linemarking on the final day of the two week schedule, and the handover of the whole project was achieved on time!


Big projects done right

With our highly skilled team and our unique set of equipment and processes, New Dawn Permeable Paving were able to handle this complex project on time, with no additional variation costs, and to the highest standard. Both the builder and client were thrilled with the result! Have you got a challenging commercial project with permeable paving? Then you better get in touch with the New Dawn team today – call 03 9543 3013 or email [email protected] to get started!

Completed Children Centre project - utilising permeable paving