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Commercial Permeable Paving For Children Centres

Commercial Permeable Paving for Children Centres, A Case Study Here at New Dawn Permeable Paving, we have a unique team of permeable paving specialists that can install vast areas of permeable paving on strict commercial timelines. We recently completed a large external paving package for a major commercial builder, installing pathways and a carpark for … Continued

Permeable Paving – Planning & Regulations

Here at New Dawn, our services extend well beyond just installing permeable paving. We have assisted numerous architects, engineers and planners in successfully implementing permeable paving into projects large and small. But why do you need to use permeable paving? Typically in new developments, it is in response to specific planning regulations and restrictions. Here’s … Continued

Is there an Australian Standard for Permeable Paving?

Australian Standards ( cover just about everything that you might build, buy or encounter in life in Australia. They’re the way to ensure that products have comparable minimum performance standards, and to ensure that works (including almost all aspects of construction) are completed to a safe, high quality standard. For example, there are various standards … Continued

Permeable Parking Areas and Stormwater Collection

Increasingly we are seeing more and more creative ways that permeable paving can be used to manage stormwater and associated problems like erosion and nutrient leeching. For example, this article here (opens in new tab) shows a council in Canada trialling a permeable parking lot. It’s a great illustration of how councils are realising the … Continued

Pebble Pave Driveways by New Dawn

Porous Pavers

What are Porous Pavers? Porous pavers or porous pavements are two types of permeable surfaces often specified in new domestic and commercial developments. They can be made from different materials,  sizes and shapes. Porous pavers offer a more environmentally-friendly paving solution compared to other types of paving due to its absorption system that provides many … Continued

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How to pave around mature trees

Paving around trees and mature tree roots in driveways can be difficult. Maintaining mature trees starts by protecting the integrity of their roots, which isn’t easy to do with concrete or pavement. Permeable paving is a modern pavement solution to providing water to tree roots, perfect to keep your garden thriving! The efficiency or permeable … Continued