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Permeable Paving – Maintenance

Like any other type of high quality external paving, permeable paving benefits from occasional maintenance which helps keep your beautiful pavement looking great and functioning correctly. Cleaning your permeable paving to maintain permeability The most important part of maintaining your permeable paving is cleaning it to prevent blockage. Accumulation of dust on the surface will … Continued

Warranties, maintenance and FAQ’s

Here at New Dawn, we often get asked what warranties and guarantees we offer with our permeable paving. Hopefully in this blog post, we can look at what we offer for you. Before we go any further, we should say that our permeable paving needs no more, and no less maintenance than any other stone … Continued

Options to Repair a Driveway: Resurfacing or New Concrete?

At New Dawn Paving, we specialise in the installation of permeable paving. However, the product we install, Pebble Pave, also works as an extremely cost effective option for driveway resurfacing! Concrete driveways serve as a highly practical area, however, can over time deteriorate and fade from exposure from the elements, oil leaks, the weight of … Continued