Options to Repair a Driveway: Resurfacing or New Concrete?

Our speciality here at New Dawn Paving is the installation of permeable paving. But, the product we install, Pebble Pave, is also an extremely cost effective option for driveway resurfacing!

Take your average Melbourne concrete driveway. A highly practical area, but not a thing of beauty, especially when faded and stained from years of use.

Driveway Resurfacing OldOld driveway for resurfacing.

Should you want to rejuvenate an old driveway, your options are limited. Replacing it with a new concrete, stamped concrete, or exposed aggregate area will typically require you (or your contractor, at your expense) to remove the old area first before installing the new concrete area. This will involve a costly, messy, time-consuming demolition.

However, concrete resurfacing provides an option other than demolition. Permeable paving can be installed over existing concrete driveways, with the only preparation being a bit of grinding on some edges and the installation of aluminium strip edging. A three-part resin is combined with aggregate on-site, before being screeded and trowelled level over the existing driveway. The whole job can often be completed in one day, with the surface ready for vehicle traffic after 48 hours.

Melbourne House Driveway ResurfacingConcrete resurfacing in action!

The colour we installed for the clients was actually a blend of two of our aggregates – Dove and Pearl – and was to match a colour that they have chosen for other areas of their exterior renovation.

Driveway Permeable Paving Driveway resurfaced with Pebble Pave

Pebble Pave can also be used for resurfacing a wide range of hard surfaces, including tiles, pavers and asphalt. Check out the difference of some of these other recent resurfacing jobs we have done:

Patio Permeable PavingA concrete outdoor entertaining area in need renovating

This concrete outdoor entertaining area was in desperate need of some love and affection. Resurfacing completely refreshed the area, and also allowed the addition of a new path flowing into the area and a slight enlargement of the original space. (The colour used here was Rosewood 6 mm).

Concrete Patio ResurfacingOld concrete resurfacing with Pebble Pave

Likewise, the following patio next to a carport was old and in need of repair. The brick tiles were extremely slippery, especially when wet. Our client had started to remove some, and discovered it was a very difficult job. Luckily, we are able to resurface old paved areas like this with no demolition.

Tiled patio resurfacingBrick tiles – old, dangerously slippery, and in need of resurfacing!

The area now is much improved, with the textured surface of the permeable paving being much less slippery than the previous surface. The colour, Charcoal 3 – 6 mm, was chosen to be a neutral backdrop to their outdoor furniture that they have outside normally.

Patio Resurfacing, Outdoor Entertaining Area A newly-resurfaced brick patio!

You can’t please all the clients all the time. When resurfacing, the client’s cat had to be unceremoniously removed from his favourite hide-out before we could do our concrete cutting. Luckily, he was more than impressed with the finished result!

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