Permeable Paving In Netball Centres Case Studies

Here at New Dawn Permeable Paving, we pride ourselves in installing outstanding permeable paving for a wide sector of clients. Recently we worked with a major commercial builder, working on behalf of Knox City Council to install a forecourt for the Knox City Netball Centre.

The local council’s objective was to replace the existing forecourt, paved with uneven and broken brick pavers, with permeable paving. This objective was driven by the need to improve accessibility and provide water infiltration to the root zones of the mature gum trees surrounding the netball centre. This is a key reason why many councils favour permeable paving solutions.


The Problem & Project Scope

Tree Protection

The scope of this commercial project required our team to work within close proximity of several major trees. Installing permeable paving for this forecourt ensured that the rootzones of these significant trees will always have water infiltrating to the rootcontaining soils, ensuring their longterm health.

However, working within the tree protection zones of significant trees requires a high level of care, to ensure the roots of the trees and the soil around them are not damaged in the process. Specifically, we always have to verify all works within Tree Protection Zones are in compliance with AS 49702009 (Protection of trees on development sites), with no compaction or disturbance of the soil, nor damage to roots.

Additionally, the project scope included constructing the pavement in accordance with specific architect designs and project specifications, such as an intricate circular design.


Knox City Netball Plans

Set out plan for new paving area. 

Accessibility for All

Accessibility and compliance with DDA standards and guidelines is a critical part of many commercial pavement installations. All new commercial buildings projects, even renovations of existing premises, must comply with these requirements, ensuring that the public spaces are accessible to all.

The netball building hosts thousands of people at weekend when games are held, and the new design and pavement needed to ensure that people with limited mobility are able to access the venue. As specialist commercial paving contractors, our team ensured that all the new paving was installed meeting the criteria for DDA compliance, resulting in a successful outcome for the project for the builder and the client.

Working with Existing Infrastructure

This paving project was part of a major renovation of the existing netball centre. Working on old buildings always includes working with existing infrastructure. The existing paving included several drainage pits which needed new covers to meet accessibility guidelines, which require non-slip “heelguard” grates with small apertures to prevent lodgement of footwear or objects in them.


Outdated drainage infrastructure and new non-slip heelguard drainage covers

As part of our turnkey package for the client, we replaced all old drainage covers in the forecourt with new covers that were compliant with the project specifications, including some custom sized covers for existing drainage pits where an “off the shelf” cover would not have been appropriate.


New Dawn’s Paving Solution

Demolition Stage

During the planning phase of this project, we identified all the different materials (concrete, bricks, gravel) that needed to be removed. The project scope contained a major demolition component, with the removal of over 350 m2 of existing concrete and brick paving within the tree protection zones.

In executing the removal works, we staged the removal and planned the material handling such that the larger, heavier machines and the material stockpiles remained on the existing brick paving. This minimised the usage of heavy tracked machines on the soil within the tree protection zones, preventing compaction of the root-containing soils. We conducted final detail works with our specialist smaller, lighter machinery to limit soil compaction and damage. We also sorted and separated bricks and concrete from soil onsite, ensuring that all waste from the demolition could be sent to recycling.

Immediately after completing the brick paving removal amongst the large trees, in the areas that were not going to be paved, we placed new mulch to ensure that water was not lost from the “naked” soil exposed after brick removal.

Efficient sorting of materials during demolition, preventing disturbance to the rootzones of the trees.

Paving Installation 

Upon completion of the demolition works, our team was able to commence the installation of the new permeable paving. We installed our permeable concrete base with all the New Dawn extra details included that maximise the long term performance of the paving. A geotextile blanket was first placed on the subgrade, to provide separation between the screening (rock) subbase and the soil beneath.

Permeable paving installation

Then, our steel edging was installed to the exposed edges against the garden beds, and galvanised steel reinforcing mesh was placed and tied. To finalise this project we poured our permeable concrete base, once cured then trowelled on our resin bound paving finished surface. To see more images of this project, from beginning to end head on over to our Instagram.

The complete permeable paving for Knox City Netball Centre.

Excellent permeable paving, and happy clients

For this installation, we were able to provide a turnkey solution from start to finish that provided the builder and the client total peace of mind that the new pavement would be installed with maximum consideration and care around the existing protected trees. The works were completed on-time and on-budget with no surprises.

If you want permeable paving completed to the highest standards, then we’d recommend you pick up the phone and call us or send our team an email today. View our Instagram to see our range of projects, from residential to commercial permeable paving.