Porous Pavements

Porous Pavers or Porous Pavements are two types of permeable surfaces often specified in new domestic and commercial developments. Traditionally, porous pavers are small concrete pavers with gaps between the edges, laid on a sand base. However, there is increasingly demand for surfaces with a much higher porosity than these systems offer, and that are sufficiently strong and durable to cope with industrial traffic.

Councils and local governments increasingly require porous pavements to be used both in domestic and commercial developments, as Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) becomes more important. Porous pavers and pavements are a key feature of this because:

  • Water drains back into the ground, rather than into storm water drains
  • Storm water run-off is reduced
  • Effects of storm water run-off are minimised, including leeching of soil and erosion
  • Less water is needed to be processed by municipal storm water systems
  • Risks of flooding can also be reduced, as surface water can be drained rather than running off and overwhelming storm water systems

Our permeable paving installed over a permeable concrete base offers unrivalled levels of porosity, strength and durability.

Porous PaversWater draining through our permeable paving

Our permeable paving is able to be used in a variety of domestic and commercial applications, including driveways, car parks and ramps. Consultation with civil engineers allows us to specify and install a sub-base and drainage suitable for industrial grade pavements.

For example, this subdivision required porous driveways and porous pavers for paths and patios as part of the landscaping. We installed our permeable paving for all these areas, as well as completing the landscape works. Overall, the whole site looks great, and will also treat a lot of its own stormwater!

Porous PaversPorous paving for paths and a driveway

So if your landscaping requires porous pavements, or if you just have any questions on the benefits of permeable paving, then get in touch or give us a call today!