How to pave around mature trees

Can you build permeable pavers over tree roots?

Mature trees can be beautiful features of your home and garden, and are often incorporated into your landscape design. But these beautiful trees need protecting, particularly around their vulnerable root zone. Different kinds of driveways and paths can damage or even kill plants in your garden. For example, laying concrete over tree roots can prevent the uptake of water, meaning your trees will likely lose moisture and die.

How can you protect your trees while still creating the beautiful landscape architecture you want? That’s where permeable paving comes in. With developers looking to use every square metre of space on Melbourne’s (often small) plots of land, unfortunately mature trees often end up next to the only place available for driveways to be installed. Planning regulations and landscape designers designate a “tree protection zone” around these areas that needs to have permeable paving. So no concrete there!

Tree Protection Zone
Permeable paving in a tree protection zone (dotted line) on a landscape plan.

What are the best driveways for mature tree roots?

Permeable paving landscape solutions like Pebble Pave can be used in tree protection zones to construct sections of driveways. For driveways in a tree protection zone, a permeable concrete base is prepared prior to laying the paving.

Then, Pebble Pave is installed on the permeable concrete. Aggregate colours can be chosen to match the existing concrete, or other landscape architecture features. Screeding and hand trowelling gives a beautiful finish, and the surface is ready for vehicle traffic after 72 hours.

About permeable paving

Permeable paving is a great solution for tree protection zones. Some councils have specific restrictions on the amount of non-porous paving such as concrete or pavers allowed on your property – for example, you may only be allowed to cover one third of your property with non-porous materials. By using permeable paving, you can still add hard surfaces, such as your dream outdoor entertaining area, without breaching these restrictions.

Tree Protection Zone with Permeable Paving
Permeable paving in a tree protection zone.

The best way to understand how and when permeable paving has to be used is to talk to us. We can discuss your landscaping plan with you, as well as advise on how to best utilise permeable paving in your project. Get in touch with our team at [email protected] or give us a call at (03) 95433013.