Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway Resurfacing

Charcoal Pebble Pave for driveway resurfacing

Permeable Paving for Concrete Resurfacing

Removing and replacing old concrete driveways with new concrete or exposed aggregate typically requires costly and time-consuming demolition work. However, resurfacing with Pebble Pave cuts out the demolition, giving you a new driveway in a fraction of the time.

Resurfacing is more cost effective and long-lasting than concrete driveway repairs, and we can resurface over any hard surface including tiles, pavers, bitumen and crushed rock. Contact us today for a free quote.

More versatile than Exposed Aggregate

We offer over 15 different colours of Australian-sourced aggregate to choose from, with the option of combining colours to create a unique blend. One-of-a-kind designs and patterns are also possible, options not available with fixed-size permeable driveway pavers, concrete or exposed aggregate.

Permeable paving is your complete resurfacing solution, also perfect for steeper driveways where loose gravel will run off or stone tiles become slippery.

Resurfacing over a properly installed concrete driveway creates an extremely strong surface – suitable for heavy vehicle traffic including buses and trucks

No more puddles

With its porous surface, water drains freely through permeable paving and runs off of the existing concrete base. No puddles can form, leaving you a slip-resistant surface in the wettest of conditions. The textured surface also makes for less glare on bright summer days.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Concrete path resurfaced with Pebble Pave

Driveway installation

We prepare your existing concrete driveway for resurfacing by installing aluminium strip edging to give the pebble pave edge a clean, crisp finish. We also grind down the concrete edges where the driveway meets the sidewalk or other areas to allow a smooth join to the permeable paving. Aggregate and resin are combined on-site, and hand trowelled to a smooth finish. The surface is able to be walked on after 24 hours, and fully cured after typically 48 hours.

Gravel Driveways

While resurfacing concrete makes for the strongest driveways, any existing gravel driveway or crushed rock area can be resurfaced with Pebble Pave if thicker than 100 mm and thoroughly compacted. Resurfacing a gravel or crushed rock driveway in this manner creates a fully permeable surface that returns water to your driveway.

New Dawn Permeable Paving: giving your old concrete options other than demolition. Contact us today for a quote for driveway resurfacing!

Recent concrete driveway resurfacing

This old stamped concrete driveway was due a replacement. But removing large amounts of old concrete is costly and time-consuming. Our clients opted for us to resurface it, using a custom colour blend of Dove and Pearl aggregates.

Melbourne Driveway Resurfacing

Old stamped concrete driveway ready for resurfacing

After some minor repairs and prep work, the driveway and path were ready for driveway resurfacing with Pebble Pave. The newly paved surface was laid in next to no time, and ready for the car after 72 hours!

Pebble Pave Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway resurfaced with Pebble Pave

We can also resurface other hard surfaces including old driveway pavers and tiles. For example, these brick tiles were cracked and aged, as well as being extremely slippery.

Paver Resurfacing Melbourne

Pavers for resurfacing

We resurfaced these tiles with Pebble Pave to give the owner a new patio without the need for any demolition. Even the cat was happy with the result!

Another happy customer, who thinks his newly-resurfaced patio is "purrrr-fect"Posted by New Dawn Permeable Paving on Thursday, April 9, 2015